Senior Placement Agency Contract

When it comes to finding the right senior placement agency for your loved one, it’s important to pay close attention to the details of the contract. This legally-binding agreement outlines the services that will be provided, as well as the responsibilities of both the agency and the family members involved.

Here are some key things to look for in a senior placement agency contract:

1. Scope of services: Make sure the contract clearly outlines what services the agency will provide, such as helping to find a suitable living arrangement, coordinating medical care, and providing transportation. You should also be aware of what services are not included, such as in-home care or medical treatment.

2. Fees and payment: The contract should clearly state the fees associated with the services provided, including any upfront costs or ongoing monthly fees. You should also be aware of any potential additional fees, such as for emergency care or specialized services. Make sure you fully understand the payment schedule, including when payments are due and what happens if payments are not made.

3. Length of contract: Some placement agencies require a long-term commitment, while others offer more flexibility. Make sure you understand the length of the contract and what options are available if you need to make changes.

4. Responsibilities of the agency: The contract should clearly outline the agency’s responsibilities, such as coordinating with medical professionals and providing regular updates to family members. Make sure these responsibilities align with your expectations.

5. Responsibilities of the family: The contract should also outline the responsibilities of the family members involved, such as providing necessary medical documents and making timely payments. Make sure you are comfortable with these responsibilities before signing the contract.

6. Termination clause: It’s important to understand how you can terminate the contract if necessary, as well as what happens if the agency terminates the contract. Make sure the termination clause is fair and reasonable.

By carefully reviewing the senior placement agency contract and asking any questions you may have, you can ensure that you are working with an agency that will provide the best possible care for your loved one.